Laboratory of Sudhir Kumar :: Publications 1992-1996


Continental Breakup and the Ordinal Diversification of Birds and Mammals

Nature 381(6579):226-229

S.B. Hedges, P. Parker, C. Sibley, S. Kumar

Patterns of Nucleotide Substitution in Mitochondrial Protein Coding Genes of Vertebrates

Genetics 143(1):537-548

S. Kumar

Stepwise Algorithm for Finding Minimum Evolution Trees

Molecular Biology and Evolution 13(4):584-593

S. Kumar

Evolution of the Hedgehog Gene Family

Genetics 142(3):965-972

S. Kumar, K. Balczarek, Z. Lai

Evolutionary Relationships of Eukaryotic Kingdoms

Journal of Molecular Evolution 42(2):183-193

S. Kumar, A. Rzhetsky

Approximate Methods for Estimating the Pattern of Nucleotide Substitution and the Variation of Substitution Rates Among Sites

Molecular Biology and Evolution 13(5):650-659

Z. Yang, S. Kumar


4-Cluster Analysis - A Simple Method to Test Phylogenetic Hypotheses

Molecular Biology and Evolution 12(1):163-167

A. Rzhetsky, S. Kumar, M. Nei

18S Ribosomal-RNA Data Indicate That Aschelminthes Are Polyphyletic in Origin and Consist of At Least 3 Distinct Clades

Molecular Biology and Evolution 12(6):1132-1137

B. Winnepenninckx, T. Backeljau, L. Mackey, J. Brooks, R. De Watcher, S. Kumar, J. Garey

A New Method of Inference of Ancestral Nucleotide and Amino-Acid-Sequences

Genetics 141(4):1641-1650

Z. Yang, S. Kumar, M. Nei


MEGA - Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Software for Microcomputers

Computer Applications in the Biosciences 10(2):189-191

S. Kumar, K. Tamura, M. Nei



A Guide to Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis Program for Microcomputers.

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania 140 pp

S. Kumar, K. Tamura, M. Nei


Human Origins and Analysis of Mitochondrial-DNA Sequences

Science 255(5045):737-739

S.B. Hedges, S. Kumar, K. Tamura, M. Stoneking