We have developed the Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis (MEGA) to facilitate the exploration and analysis of the DNA and protein sequence variation using Biologist-friendly computer programs. MEGA provides facilities for assembling sequence alignments, exploring data and results interactively, inferring evolutionary trees, estimating distances and diversity, inferring ancestral sequences, computing timetrees, and testing for selection.


We have developed a public knowledgebase (TimeTree) that enables scientists, educators and the general public access to the collection of peer-reviewed publications in molecular evolution and phylogenetics that have reported divergence times between species. Users can query the TimeTree resource by providing two names of organisms (common or scientific) that can correspond to species or groups of species. The current TimeTree web resource contains timetrees reported from molecular clock analyses in >2,000 published studies (>50,000) species that span the diversity of life.


myPEG is a group of web based evolutionary (e-) tools developed and maintained by the Kumar Laboratory. It consists of the following tools:


We have developed a unique knowledge base (FlyExpress) to facilitate visual mining of images from Drosophila melanogaster embryos. By clicking on specific locations in an embryo associated with a specific data source, stage range, and anatomical orientation, researchers can rapidly find co-expressed genes and relevant peer-reviewed publications. The FlyExpress digital library contains over 100,000 embryo images collected from >4,500 genes and more than 2,600 peer-reviewed publications.